Behind the Scenes

After figuring out a basic composition, i began in grayscale to figure out the general light and dark pattern, adding color once it was up to a semi-detailed level.

Digital painting in Paint Tool Sai

I wanted to try something different this time, so i began with an almost sepia underpainting, and then laid the color over top of that. The final print was printed at 16 x 20 inches @ Artopia Giclee Prints (

Digital painting in Paint Tool Sai

When working from life, it's a slightly different process:

  1. Block-in the big shapes and base colors
  2. Refine shapes
  3. Work on form
  4. Finishing details

Approximately 2 hours,
Digital painting in Paint Tool Sai


When doing portraits, i first generate several poses, from which i settle on a single pose and style with the client, and figure out a basic color scheme, after which i draw in the basic pose very roughly. Next, i gather reference pictures in the general pose, plus some different views (if possible) for extra reference, and put down initial. Then, referring to the reference photos, i refine and refine until i’m finished.